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All releases concerning The Order of the Nonagram

and Phlegm Productions, should be available in our Distro.

Otherwise, search at these following other Labels and Distros


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New Arrivals in our Distro!

Nonagram on Bandcamp!

All Nonagram releases will soon be available for streaming on Bandcamp,

audio files are in high quality wav format and cover artwork in high resolution.

The prices are nearly symbolic, and for some releases even optional.

Following bands entire catalalog are available at this moment:

Deiquisitor, Blodfest, Wolfslair, Solhverv,

Fallen Angel, Luciation, Nastran.

Lots of other Nonagram releases will come soon

Please check this out!


For Deiquisitor updates



Deiquisitor S/T  on 12" vinyl

Finally out on vinyl

Released by Night Shroud Records.

Available in our distro !




Deiquisitor S/T Full-length CD 2016

12 tracks of fast, brutal and intense oldschool Deathmetal

Released by Ancient Darkness Prod.


Deiquisitor Tour T-shirt 2016.